Friday, 20 March 2009

Even a Land that Floweth with Milk and Honey

I was only in Hong Kong for a little over a week, but it left a deep impression in my mind of static, sticky air forever resisting the fast pace of the changes taking place there: shifts away from the West since its return from the British empire to China colliding with shifts towards the West in business, production, capitalism. A city fixated by money, spending, creating. Emaciated buildings stretching ever-further towards the unattainable of that above them, and memories of cramped rooms, my grandfather heckling "No, she too ugly!" at the Miss Hong Kong pageant on tv, and junk markets that stretched through the back-streets saturated with battered copies of Mao's little red book.

I shot and processed all of these pictures while I was out there - I remember spreading them all out around me as I started on the journey back to London.

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